Xsdvalidatingreader class dan carter dating

For example, if the collection contains the schema file a.xsd, which contains a reference to the schema file b.xsd, you must add to the schema collection before you can access it using any of the collection methods or properties.The reader does not add anything to the Xml Schema Collection.This concluding segment discusses XML validation with the Xml Validating Reader class using both DTDs and XML Schemas, introduces the XMLNode Reader, and shows you how to add exception-handling to your XML processing code.

In distributed computing, applications are designed as services that run on a server.Because Web services provide a platform-independent of way of leveraging a specific functionality, the exceptions that occur in the Web Services must also be communicated in a platform-independent manner.To accomplish this, you need to make sure that the exceptions raised from the Web services are compliant with the SOAP specification.An exception is any error condition or unexpected behavior encountered by an executing program.Exceptions can occur due to a number of reasons such as fault in your code, operating system resources not being available, unexpected conditions in the common language runtime, and so on.

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