Validating soap message

I need to make this validate within a Java program. ps: I am aware that several You might look at the source code for the Wsdl Validator class in the open-source soap UI project. Bear/soapui If you are creating a webservice client using a code generator based on Apache CXF or Apache Axis 2 , Chances are high that your webservice code should work just fine as long as both the webservice provider and your client are in the same version of SOAP/WS* standards .

In a previous project I solved this problem by parsing the WSDL-file and extracting the schemas from it.

Of course you can add any number of SOAP Test Steps to a Test Case, chaining them as desired and transferring values between response and request messages with the Property-Transfer test step.

Sounds promising, we have ran into the same kind of problems lately, so I'll give it a try tomorrow before I vote it.

One tip/question; Since this is a development side and your wrote code for it, it would be a nice addition if you also included some details on the code !

You could try to setup a mock webservice using SOAP UI based on the WSDL you have and then call test your webservice client by calling the mock service .

See SOAP UI Link here think that you may be looking for an answer which is way too complex for what you really need.

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