Updating software on iphone

But for some reasons, a software update can also cause minor and major bricking problems on the device, just like what has happened to some i Phone owners.There have been other claims from i Phone owners, about having ended up with a bricked i Phone after installing the latest i OS update on their device.The i Phone 4s is, and will be, stuck on Apple’s i OS 9.3.5 update.If you’re just now getting around to updating your i Phone 4s and you’re coming to i OS 9.3.5 from i OS 9.3.4, your i OS 9.3.5 upgrade will be tiny as it features just three security patches and nothing else.Or using i Care Fone , an overall i OS care tool, to elevate your i Phone, i Pad experience at a whole new scale.At times, you may run into i Tunes error 9006 when updating or restoring your i Phone and i Pad. On your Windows: you need to SHIFT and then click the “Restore” button. You may also want to check out the solutions to fix several i Tunes error like 4014/4013, 14, 1671, 9, 17 which also crop up when updating or restoring i OS device.But even if you're sick of your phone prompting you to let it update every few hours, the changes within i OS 9.3 are definitely important. Most importantly, i OS 9.3 fixes a critical security bug in i Messages.

If you run into a problem on your i Phone 4s, you’re on your own.Read on to learn what needs to be done if you too should encounter any of these problems while trying to update your i Phone operating system in the future.Software updates are generally packed with new features and bug fixes, and so keeping your device software up-to-date is highly recommended.Odds are that we’ve already addressed your concern before so try to find issues that are similar with yours and use the solutions or troubleshooting guides we suggested.If they don’t work or if you need further assistance, then feel free to contact us by completing our The latest mobile operating system available for i OS device is i OS 10.2.

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