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I then looked at him hard and he kind of noticed I was looking at him, and I said "Owen? He said, "yeah what's up" and I was like "damn that's random as hell man, I'm a fan of your work." Basically I shot the shit with him briefly and didn't want to give too much away because my girl was there and I didn't want to get into a whole explanation of who Tyler is, what he does, and how I know about him.Nonetheless, I thought it was a random as hell experience, and I thought I would share it with the forum.I went out to dinner at a decent local restaurant last night with my girlfriend, and sitting at the table next to us was a familiar looking red haired guy messing around on a Mac book laptop.At first I thought "I know that guy from some where", then I did a double take and thought "holy shit, is that Tyler Durden from RSD".Learn how to ATTRACT THE WOMEN YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED any place, anytime, and in any situation!Get your FREE E-Course newsletters with hundreds of amazing attraction tips and techniques -- A 7 VALUE!Overall I got to say that I got a really good vibe from the guy, although it wasn't like I had an in depth conversation with him or anything.He came across as really chill, very friendly, humble, and down to earth, I sensed zero attitude or ego from him.

Then the swans get all tangled up, what with their long necks and all, and it looks like at least one of the swans is dead?Right off the bat my "success with women" skills have to be so razor-sharp that I'm consistently able to obliterate people's realities of what it means to be "good" at picking up girls.Did the hottest girl in the venue just walk in with every guy now stunned and gawking at her?I've been doing this job since I was 22 years old, basically my entire adult life.It's an intense, high pressure, and also a very rewarding line of work.

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