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The Caledonian Sleeper has a long and proud history and it holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the British public.

He also had the honour of once being burned in effigy at a halftime show for something unflattering he had written about the Hamilton Tigercats football team.From 1948-50 he was editor of the Mc Master Silhouette.The year he was editor, the Silhouette won for the first time the prestigious Jacques Bureau trophy, an award for small circulation newspapers.The matter, which raised questions on the security at the Fort William, came to the Army's notice when Mitra, a few days back, had entered the defence area driving his car which had a private registration number with the word 'Army' inscribed in red, a Kolkata Police officer said."Mitra was caught on CCTV footage wearing a Major General's uniform. At the main gate, he introduced himself as Officer on Special Duty at Panagarh, a military base.

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