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The following report, put together by the British Psychological Society Dementia Advisory Group, presents a psychological perspective on the nature and experience of dementia, outlines the extensive...There is little research that is not impacted in some way on or through the Internet.Extant ethical frameworks, including consequentialism, utilitarianism, deontology, virtue ethics, and feminist ethics have contributed to the ways in which ethical issues in Internet research are considered and evaluated.Conceptually and historically, Internet research ethics is related to computer and information ethics and includes such ethical issues as participant knowledge and consent, data privacy, security, confidentiality, and integrity of data, intellectual property issues, and community, disciplinary, and professional standards or norms.Throughout the Internet’s evolution, there has been debate whether there are new ethical dilemmas emerging, or if the existing dilemmas are similar to dilemmas in other research realms or despite technological influence (Elgesem 2002; Walther 2002; Ess & Ao IR 2002; Marhkam & Buchanan, 2012).These debates are similar to philosophical debates in computer and information ethics.

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For example, many years ago, James Moor (1985) asked “what is special about computers” in order to understand what, if anything, is unique ethically.

Today, the same question applies to Internet research (Ess & Ao IR 2002; King 1996).

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