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CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE X IS TYPE exch_row IS RECORD( currency_cd VARCHAR2(9), exch_rt_eur NUMBER, exch_rt_usd NUMBER); TYPE exch_tbl IS TABLE OF X.exch_row; FUNCTION Get Exchange Rate RETURN X.exch_tbl PIPELINED; END X; CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY X IS FUNCTION Get Exchange Rate RETURN X.exch_tbl PIPELINED AS exch_rt_usd NUMBER := 1.0; --todo rw exch_row; BEGIN FOR rw IN (SELECT c.currency_cd AS currency_cd, e.exch_rt AS exch_rt_eur, (e.exch_rt / exch_rt_usd) AS exch_rt_usd FROM exch e, currency c WHERE c.currency_key = e.currency_key ) LOOP PIPE ROW(rw); END LOOP; END; PROCEDURE Do It IS BEGIN DECLARE CURSOR c0 IS SELECT i. LAST SAVE EXCEPTIONS INSERT INTO detail_items VALUES items (i); END LOOP; CLOSE c0; COMMIT; EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN RAISE; END; END; END X; isn't declared in the package header so it can't be run.Oracle 8i offered the CAST function, which allows a PL/SQL collection to be processed as if it was a normal table.When you execute a SQL statement within PL/SQL, it is handed off to the SQL engine, which has no knowledge of PL/SQL-specific structures like INDEX BY tables.

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In SQL you may only use table type which is defined at schema level (not at package or procedure level), and index-by table (associative array) cannot be defined at schema level.Object types and related object-oriented features such as variable-length arrays and nested tables provide higher-level ways to organize and access data in the database.Underneath the object layer, data is still stored in columns and tables, but you are able to work with the data in terms of the real-world entities--customers and purchase orders, for example--that make the data meaningful.end; The values I've stored into the pidms table are going to be reused multiple times later in my processing.The values themselves take some time to get out of the database and so I wanted to store them in an intermediate location.

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