Aparentemente a idéia da galinhagem "intelectual" é londrina. intellidate (verb) : used to describe dating of "gray matter," or intelligence by way of organized debates, poetry readings, etc.. Atualização Olá, Como, aparentemente, há bastante gente querendo encontrar gente inteligente do sexo oposto visitando esta página, resolvi criar esta lista de discussão com o objetivo de ajudar a realizar esses encontros. Tentei, juro que tentei, fazer com que desse certo."Intelligence Squared in London provides debates for singles—a great way to intellidate." —Ginny Greenwood, featured in Reuters, 8 November 2005 Tb rola Intellidate em Delhi, informa o Times of India Speed dating, on-line romances etc are passe as new-age romance turns cerebral. Afinal, se o objetivo é realmente seduzir e ser seduzido pelo mundo das palavras e idéias nada melhor que um espaço na internet para um primeiro contato. Acabei percebendo, que não se conserta, o que já vinha errado.According to John Gordon, who has just launched the west London-based How To Academy, its popularity is partly a reaction against the new mass online teaching programmes such as Udacity and partly because Londoners are time-poor.

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“The problem with longer courses is that people would love to do them but don’t. Gordon, who is the founder of global debate platform Intelligence Squared, did his research with the help of “informal focus groups”, ie a bunch of posh mums lunching in Ottolenghi, and quickly concluded there was a gap in the market.

With a canny mix of business nous and philanthropic generosity – he is funding some courses himself – he has enlisted an A-list of professionals.

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