Hardware inventory not updating database

We were doing a large scale roll-out to over 12,000 clients for an important piece of software.When checking the reports for advertisement status, the number of successful installations were as hoped for and incredibly positive.As an initial troubleshooting step, we decided to try and clear the BITS queue of current jobs, using the below method: Once the BITS queue had been cleared we ran another Hinv and the information was sent by the client and received by the MP successfully.The client also no longer created any errors in the IIS logs. Tho obvious answer for this was IIS, so we turned on IIS logging for the MP server and sent the Hinv again.Within a few seconds we saw: part of this message immediately made us think there might be a problem with BITS on the client.We knew that there would be a number of machines (predominantly laptops) that would need to run it over the days that followed when they next contacted the network so we left it a week before checking on it again.A week went by and the vast majority of installs had occurred and the report now indicated a lot more successful installations.

The next sections discuss how Config Mgr uses WMI on the client and then describe the use of WMI in Config Mgr server operations.After much head-scratching I generated a list of a few machines that had reported back as having successfully ran the program but persisted in the collection.on the clients indicated that it had indeed ran (for the right amount of time) and had then exited with code 0.Open up your Windows Services on your core and check to see if the Landesk Inventory Server Service is running. - If there are a large number of SCN files in the ldscan folder, but you can see that they are being processed (i.e.they get deleted) this would indicate a) That the server hardware is underpowered or not dedicated to LDMS or b) that a lot of inventory scans are being sent at the around same time (i.e.

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