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Tires squeal and a cloud of dust plumes around the car as Cay Rivvers—Frances’s surrogate daughter, who also lives at the ranch—reverses at full speed and begins to drive backwards alongside the older women.Frances, struggling with the steering wheel, shouts an introduction to Vivian.“Can I call you professor?Police have found a 25-year-old man accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl, said Maj.David Nelson, public information officer for the Tega Cay Police Department.Police issued a warrant charging Center with criminal sexual conduct.One is the Donald Trump of Canada: a billionaire known for seriously puffy hair, a penchant for plastering his last name on garish buildings, and the hurling of ruthless claims against any and all enemies.There’s a big story in the tax returns that President Trump claims he cannot release because of what he describes as a routine audit.The big story is not the true size of his wealth, but about how Congress has turned the income tax into a source of massive wealth for many of the richest Americans, including Trump.

Hedgie Louis Bacon’s latest court filing includes allegations that his billionaire Bahamas neighbor Peter Nygard (right) caused damages to his Lyford Cay property that culminated in a physical altercation. 1, with marchers waving signs that accused the hedge-fund tycoon of being a racist, court papers filed this week allege.

Bacon’s photograph and falsely stating that ‘Bacon is KKK’ (with images of a KKK cross burning).” Protesters carried a massive banner reading, “The Coalition To Rid the Bahamas of Louis Moore Bacon!!! Bacon, the founder of New York-based Moore Capital Management, has been locked in a bitter, decade-long property-line dispute with Nygard, his next-door neighbor in the posh Bahamas neighborhood of Lyford Cay.

Most of Nygard’s lavish estate was destroyed in a 2009 fire after years of complaints from Bacon about loud parties and illegal dredging that, Bacon claimed, threatened an environmental disaster.

As ranch proprietor Frances Parker drives her from the station through the burnt and blazing landscape of rust-coloured hills dotted with rocks and shrubs, Vivian tells the older woman, “I’ve always lived in the city.

I won’t know what to do with all this space.”Vivian notices the 1957 Ford Fairlane convertible before it appears on screen, passing Frances’s station wagon on a two-lane highway.

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