Busta rhymes dating london charles

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Flav first broke the news on radio's Tom Joyner Morning Show.

He still loves Deelishis, he said, and the baby's mother is not "a Flavor of Love lady." Reacting to the news that Flav was about to have his seventh child, Joyner said, "Man, you are running out of flavors." Replied Flav: "I want 10 (children).

She appeared on season 2 of Flavor of Love in 2006 and was chosen as the winner over Tiffany "New York" Pollard.

On the VH1 special Where Are They Now: Reality Stars she announced that she was no longer dating Flavor Flav.

"Flav has confirmed this and Deelishis is aware that after things did not work with the season-one winner (Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander), Flav conceived a child with a woman he had been dating on and off," the rapper's manager says. He did say, however, that Flav does not know the sex of the baby. Last February, Deelishis was linked to Busta Rhymes, with whom she worked on her first album. Yes, he and I are friends, JUST FRIENDS, great friends to be exact. She actually won Flavor Flav's heart last season, but - shockingly - the relationship didn't work out in the end.yes Flavor Flav Expecting His Seventh Child WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 01, 2006 AM EST By Amy Keith and Stephen M.Silverman Flavor Flav Photo by: Getty / VH1Flavor Flav Expecting His Seventh Child | Flavor Flav Although Flavor Flav selected contestant Deelishis (real name: London Charles) as the winner of his heart on the Oct.

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